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Our commitments for the environment and the animal world

Froggy is committed to ecology

Because the Froggy frog is concerned about the environment and sustainable development, we engage in a responsible practice of IT and the use of networks. We make sure to use as few resources as possible to provide you with the best service.


FroggyPrice has chosen a green cloud from a host that takes ecological choices.

Our architecture in the cloud allows us to use only the resources necessary for the operation of the service. We can absorb peaks in traffic thanks to automatic horizontal and vertical scaling.

Practice of prices tracking

Price monitoring on the internet is today extremely competitive. The various players use dozens of machines connected to the internet for this and consult at high frequency merchant sites to update their databases. We adopt a responsible approach by optimizing the frequency of price monitoring. Also, we refresh only the necessary information of popular products and we maximize the use of existing APIs.

A question of optimization

As IT experts, we care about the use of software and hardware resources. Our code is optimized and we use the the most efficient tools to offer our users the best possible service.

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