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About FroggyPrice

What is ForggyPrice used for?

Based on the observation that prices are constantly changing upwards and downwards on online trading platforms, Froggy supports you to achieve the best deals on Amazon.

By browsing our site, you can find the best prices to buy at the right time.

If a product interests you and you want to follow the evolution of its price, you can create a price alert. This requires creating a free account.

So, whenever the price of the products you are interested in drops, we will send you an email alert. Simple right?

Is FroggyPrice free?

Yes ! Froggy's services are 100% free and will remain so for life.

Why track prices with Froggy?

Did you know that it can be enough to wait a few hours for the price of a product to drop? Other times it is, on the contrary, the right time to buy and it is better then to hurry before the price goes up.

Some prices even change several times a day, depending on stocks and prices charged by different sellers. This is why Froggy brings you the solution to save on Amazon in a simple and effective!

Froggy gives you all the price indications and its analysis to decide if it's time to buy. It constantly finds good deals and sends you only the information you need to buy smart. You do not will receive emails only if you are interested in a product.

In addition, Froggy respects your privacy and is committed to the environment.

How often does Froggy update prices?

Froggy updates your favorite products every 2 hours (maximum). Less popular products are refreshed between 6 hours and 30 days (depending on the number of subscribers and the observed price volatility).

Why do I have to register to create a price alert?

To subscribe to price reductions, it is necessary to register to:

Rest assured it will not take you more than a minute to register.

In addition, your registration will give you access to a management panel for your alerts, and to the personalization of your user experience. So what are you waiting for?

How does the price graph work?

The price chart lets you see the last 100 price changes, which is more than enough to decide if it's time to buy.

In addition to the graph, Froggy gives you his analysis on the current price as follows:

Why are some prices different from the Amazon price?

Sometimes a price is different from the current price on Amazon. This happens when the price has changed since the last update by Froggy. It is therefore important to subscribe to the products that interest you, in order to prevent Froggy from monitor these products more often. In addition, some prices may experience very large differences, due to stock-outs and prohibitive prices charged by third-party sellers with significant delivery costs. These deviations are generally temporary but may slightly distort Froggy's analysis. Price differences can also be seen depending on the size, color or option chosen on the Amazon sales page. Despite this, Froggy strives to provide you with ever more relevant information.

Some content on this site comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided "as is" and may be deleted or changed at any time.

Froggy helps you to buy at the right time but wishes to draw your attention to the importance of always checking the final price before finalizing your purchase.

Who is Froggy ?

David David Borrat

Froggy is a French engineer specialized in BigData and cloud solutions. FroggyPrice is his favorite playground to offer you the best service for free.



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